Stories of Resilience:

A Journey of Embracing My Uniqueness

Her Story:

NAME: Desiree Dawson⠀
BORN: Vancouver BC (traditional territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh nations)⠀
LIVES: Same⠀
HANDLE: @desireedawsonmusic

I really have to be mindful, and intentional about staying in alignment, sometimes it’s flowy and easy, and a lot of the time it feels like really hard work. It feels so easy to get pulled into all kinds of distracting directions that lead me further from myself. I grew up feeling a deep sense of not belonging and shame for being so different than those around me, and those wounds still guide my steps sometimes. I’m on a journey of embracing my uniqueness by prioritizing my physical/spiritual/emotional healing. I feel very strongly that taking the time to reconnect with myself is a service to me, of course, but also for anyone I cross paths with. I feel at peace when I’m in an open and honest relationship with those around me! I have really been blessed to be deeply loved as my true messy self amongst my closest friends and now I need to love myself that same way. It positively impacts our communities when we are showing up in our truth and our healing and when we are willing to learn, stretch ourselves, grow, and remember.⠀

I am writing this to you from a beautiful campsite in the woods where I barely have any service. This trip has been a very necessary reset to my nervous system, to remember who I am at my core and to ground me back into this beautiful land that I live on and with. On this trip I’ve focused on sleeping (which wasn’t happening before), eating nourishing meals, connecting with the trees, the river, fire, and so many birds! I’ve been in a creative flow and it’s really helping me see myself clearly. It allowed me to tap into the healing energy that is joy! I live in a motorhome so can get around to nature easily but I do know that we can all find our own big or small ways of creating peaceful time, taking care of ourselves. Solo time is so important! Watching others on their unique journey of taking care of self/being in creative flow brings me a lot of peace and hope!

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