Stories of Resilience:

Being Vulnerable is Your Biggest Strength

Her Story:

NAME: Anamika Dutta
LIVES: Mumbai, India
HANDLE: @anamikadutta & @spokenwordbyanamika

Growing up with an emotionally unavailable father turned me into becoming hyper-independent. All my life I’ve tried to be good enough for people until I discovered my true potential and learned that I am and have always been enough for myself. I found my inner strength through storytelling and vulnerability- people say that being vulnerable makes you weak but I say that it’s your biggest strength that you can be authentic and honest about who you are so own it.

2020 was a groundbreaking year for me. Significant when it comes to my professional achievements, however it was emotionally challenging. I was fresh out of a toxic relationship and I needed to start over. I spent it without seeing my family or friends, I spent a lot of time with myself, by myself (I needed that). I realized that I’m comfortable in my own skin, perhaps a little too comfortable. I tried to overcompensate by staying busy, at least being busy stopped me from thinking about what was happening around the globe.

I’ve realized that there are no rules to life, everyone has their own timeline and pace and things happen when they’re meant to be, no matter how much we try to control them, it’s not always going to go according to us.

I decided to open up about my life and found my inner strength via storytelling. I interacted with many great people around the globe and we created content together. Last year was challenging for all of us more or less, there was a learning curve to all. We were all far apart yet closer than ever, we have all been in this together. Our homes became global centers and we understood the power of storytelling and how it resonates with people.

I think a year like 2020 was meant to make us find ourselves, who we are, and what brings us inner peace. We all had time to look within ourselves and discover the darkest places that we often hide from. It made us stronger, it made me believe in myself and my true potential.

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