Stories of Resilience:

Carving Out Your Own Life Path

Her Story:

Name: Udani Sen⠀
Born: Colombo, Sri Lanka⠀
Lives: Toronto, Canada⠀
Handle: @dr.udani

“Honey, wear the shortest dress you have to the party” – was my mother’s response when I complained to her about not having an outfit to wear to an event while I was studying in university.⠀

I was speechless. Never would I have expected that response from my immigrant mother! Especially coming from a South Asian background where the majority tell their daughters and sisters to dress modestly. But then again I wasn’t really surprised; as I looked at my mother’s family tree the freedom she was raised with came from the way my grandmother lived, and now that is influencing the way I am living my life. South Asian communities are created, nurtured, and endured by matriarchal figures. My mother has always lived by her own set of rules and has empowered me to do the same.⠀

When she became ill she took the initiate to search for all the different venues of medical care and settled with Naturopathic medicine ❤️ which brought her the greatest relief. Seeing her navigate the medical system prompted me to look at it critically as well and chart my own course by becoming a Naturopathic Doctor. None of this could have happened if my grandmother withheld my mother’s passion for charting her own course. All it takes is one empowered woman to change the destiny of the rest of her family. I encourage you to take a look at your family tree, to discover your own trailblazing women – your mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, sisters…and in doing so, find the confidence and strength to carve out your own life path that resonates with you the most. Doing so will allow you to live your most authentic life knowing that you are becoming a trailblazer for your own sons and daughters too.

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