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Our Differences Make Us Unique But Do Not Separate Us

Her Story:

NAME: Zabina Bhasin
BORN: Santa Monica, CA
LIVES: West Hills, CA
HANDLE @zabina_bhasin_md & @inkidzco

I live by my mother’s motto and the @inkidzco mission; We are more similar than we are different. Our Differences make us unique but do not separate us.

We need to talk more openly about how we can #stophate towards all. Many people find this to be a very uncomfortable topic, and parents feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of teaching their kids how to be respectful. That’s why I have devoted my platform to help parents, or anyone for that matter, learn how we can teach kindness, empathy, and love to the next generation. There is no shame in admitting that talking about specific topics can be difficult with kids because we want to shield them from nasty stuff. Still, the bad stuff will get to them if we don’t start teaching them and showing them that it is around always.

We must swallow the hard pill and start thinking about the kids being born today. Currently, we are looking at a new generation being born as we speak, and those kids are the ones we must recognize as our future. We tend to become very protective of ours even when it comes to our privileges because many of us worked so hard to get where we are. If we don’t start thinking about the generations that will be here when we are gone, we won’t be able to make this place better for them.

I remember what it felt like when the other kids in my class made fun of me for having food that smelled differently from theirs. I remember how isolated I felt. That’s something I would never want any child to have to handle, and I don’t think it is that hard to get there. It takes open communication, admitting that no one person has all the answers, and then a willingness to change!

Kids are the future, and in this beautifully diverse world, they need to see how all cultures experience life uniquely. Because it is not our differences that divide us, it is our inability to understand and celebrate the differences that prevent us from bridging the gap between people and accepting all humans as they are – We genuinely can make the world a better place together.

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