Stories of Resilience:

Staying Aligned with My Authenticity

Her Story:

NAME: Kay Bailey ⠀
BORN: Bridgeport, CT⠀
LIVES: Los Angeles, CA ⠀
HANDLE: @iamkaybailey_

I stay in alignment with my authenticity by taking the time to reflect and be honest with myself about who I am and how I feel. I am not afraid to acknowledge the good and bad that I see in myself and do the inner work to personally develop and get to the root of any negativity in my life. The more honest I am with myself the more authentic I can be with everyone else. If I don’t who I am it’s impossible to be real and genuine with anyone else. 

My inner peace comes from trusting God, thinking positive thoughts, and being grateful. Focusing on the blessings God has given me brings inner peace to my soul. I feel full, satisfied, and content when I live with a spirit of gratitude.

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