Stories of Resilience:

A Nourished Body, Mind & Soul

Her Story:

Name: Amee Vora
Born: Kolkata, India
Lives: San Diego, California⠀
Handle: @yummee.with.amee

Having a nourished body, mind & soul has become an integral part of my wellness journey to become the healthy & happy person I am today!😇⠀

Growing up I lacked awareness of how important healthy eating is. It was a huge realization for me that what we eat can affect our health so notably. By adopting a whole foods plant-based & healthy lifestyle, I was not only able to lose a good amount of weight but also sustain that weight loss and most importantly help my husband manage some health conditions which otherwise would have resulted in lifelong medications.⠀

This newfound health and happiness gave me insights that I felt compelled to share my journey to healthy eating through my page.⠀

My intention for this page share my love of nutritious & ‘yummee’ recipes and to encourage everyone around me to eat healthier & adopt a mindful, holistic lifestyle.⁣ ⠀

I aspire to continue spreading happiness and building an empathetic and supportive community that would love to join me in my quest for health!⠀

“The simplest change on your fork 🍴 can be the most profound change of your life.”⠀

Eating this way can be easy, simple, and oh so rewarding!⁣⠀
Who says healthy eating has to be boring?!⁣⠀

Sharing some facts about me:⠀

🌻 A full-time Software Engineer by profession, Health Enthusiast at heart & a recent Vegan convert.⠀
🌻 Am a social introvert; do enjoy my time with close friends but like the company of my Soul the most!⠀
🌻 Very Spiritual at heart; seek comfort in solitude to recharge & re-center.⠀
🌻 Not super ambitious but always trying to better what I did yesterday.⠀
🌻 Will be regularly sharing some tidbits from my husband & my low carb lifestyle ⠀

Wishing you all PEACE in your Heart ❤️ and LOVE in your World 🌎

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