Stories of Resilience:

I Am More Than What the World Tells Me

Her Story:

Name: Tiffani Michelle⠀
Born: Temple, TX
Lives: Austin, TX⠀⠀
Handle: @Tiffanimichellelife

My life has been colorful and my life experiences developed my strength and faith in God. “I follow the beat to my own drum.” I was brought up by my parents who gave me a foundation to love God and cultivated my confidence. My mindset is Philippians 4:13.

However as a visionary creative sometimes people do not understand your lifestyle due to the narrative and limitations they have created for themselves.

Therefore, my advice is to develop a relationship with yourself; Identity. In life when you fall, get up. Learn from every failure and understand “no” are new opportunities to grow. As a Neo-Soul Artist-Songwriter-Producer who is also a Counselor and Psychology Professor, I get to speak about life and share my journey on diverse platforms to inspire the next generation and I quote, “I am more than what the world tells me, but all my God developed inside of me.”

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