Stories of Resilience:

Inner Peace Comes From Knowing I Know Myself the Best

Her Story:

Name: Lupita Cruz
Born: Maryland
Lives: Utah
Handle: @Sheisthatmujer & @adelixdecora

How do you stay in alignment with your authenticity? How do you keep your inner peace?

I stay in alignment with my authenticity by processing my feelings and figuring out what changes I must implement in myself or my surroundings. This allows me to continually be me, the real me. For years I tried to be someone I was not. My actions were not aligned with my truths and desires which had me presenting myself as a person that was not Lupita. That person was a people pleaser and someone that did not understand what she had to bring to the table. I was so comfortable with being this person until I slowly started to analyze and appreciate myself.

I have accepted myself and recognized that my own true, raw, and genuine self had always and will always be sufficient. Gone are the days where I hide my curls, my true laugh, my ideas, my fat body, and my concerns. Sometimes society, peers, and family will take the liberty to dictate everything you need to hate, love, and conform about yourself so much so that these opinions become your reality. Change and reprogramming our brains allow us to break free and overcome these false narratives.

My inner peace feels comfortable and calm. It comes from taking alone time, checking in with myself, and striving to let go of what I cannot control. It has come from focusing on things that bring me peace such as coloring, running, and exploring. I am a dyslexic person with anxiety and for most of my life, I thought of myself as unintelligent. I questioned my every action and had issues acting alone.

True inner peace is something I have learned to feel over the last few years. Inner peace comes from now knowing I know myself the best and my brain and soul are smart and bright and have accomplished so much thus far. All in all, my inner peace is kept and formed through the communication that takes place inside of me while I steer away from conformity and embrace my truths and do me.

At the end of the day, you know the real you: the one that feels peace when they are alone, and that authentic version of you is who we want to see.

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