Stories of Resilience:

My Authenticity Comes From My Comfort with Failure

Her Story:

Name: Artima Sakulkoo⠀
Born: Chicago, IL⠀
Lives: Chicago, IL⠀⠀
Handle: @theboletcollective

I am a first-generation American. I failed my first semester of college and I changed my major five times. Today, I work in cybersecurity, I have a Masters in STEM and a Bachelors in Political Science and Spanish, and I work with major global clients like Twitter and PayPal.⠀

My authenticity comes from my comfort with failure, with making mistakes, and with not getting things right on the first try. My authenticity is further powered by my drive to learn, to grow, to bring others with me, and to set goals that are far beyond my comfort zone because I know I thrive outside of it.⠀

On my blog The Bolet Collective, I speak candidly on the things I’ve done well and not as well because I embrace all experiences as being foundational to who I am as a person. This authenticity inspires other women to give themselves permission and grace when they are still learning and growing through personal and professional experiences and it’s what I am most passionate about. At The Bolet Collective, I cover Career, Wellness, Living, and Style because I believe all four of these elements embody the holistic approach to showing up as our whole selves in these spaces.⠀

When I first started my job, I immediately asked to be aligned with a Latina Partner (our highest level) in Cyber and was told they weren’t sure we had one. It has become my life mission to continue to carve the path for female and woman of color CEOS, Partners, entrepreneurs, and businesswomen to make moves, make money, and make life happen on their own terms. I strive for full visibility for the next young girl entering the career field looking for someone like her.

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