Stories of Resilience:

The Culture You Come From is Your Superpower

Her Story:

Name: Marian Bacol Valenza⠀
Born: Philippines⠀
Lives: Toronto, Canada⠀
Handle: @marian.valenza

We have a superpower, but we let the world’s predominant patriarchal culture think that we are less than, and we are told to shrink. But that’s actually the opposite – because they are scared of women who hold their power, who realize that it’s beautiful and passionate to be a woman because we are creators.

We literally have the gift to create life and bring that to the spiritual and physical world.⠀⠀

And as creators, we can make so many things happen. When women do well and make money, we lift others up and make our community better. Studies have shown this. That’s why they want to keep us small because when women rise up and learn how powerful they are, they can do and overcome anything. We are strong and resilient. So embrace things that make you different.⠀

Realize that the culture you come from is your SUPERPOWER.

The culture that you come from, modern American culture, has taken a lot from indigenous cultures and commercialized it. But the roots of it are where it really comes from.

However, we have direct ties to it, so link back to our ancestors, step into your power, and embrace all the parts of you – being a woman, a woman of color, being an immigrant. ⠀

And once we take that back, we can do anything. We can create businesses that are conscious, we can put money into the people and the community that we love, and inspire other younger girls to say, “wow, there’s someone who looks like me, that comes from the same background, and yet they are thriving.

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