Stories of Resilience:

We Deserve Representation in Beauty

Her Story:

Name: Ndeye Peinda⠀
Born: NY⠀
Lives: Ny⠀
Handle: @ndeye.peinda

As a dark skin woman on this platform – a huge part of my mission is to allow other dark skin women to see beauty in themselves through me. How many times have you seen someone who looks like you and thought- “wow, finally”.

That’s the feeling I got when I saw models who were visibly plus-size modeling clothes, it’s the feeling I got when I saw Nyma Tang and Nabela Noor create videos- and it’s the feeling I hope people get when they see me. In creating content, I always come from an educational aspect- for years- I was told as a dark skin person, I didn’t need makeup (which was really code for: my shade wasn’t available). I was told not to wear bright lipstick and that I didn’t need contour or bronzer. These seem like trivial things- but just because I am of a deeper complexion, doesn’t mean I don’t want and shouldn’t have the same access to beauty as people fairer than me.⠀

So now that those things are available, I make it my job to showcase how people my complexion can wear and use the products. We deserve representation in beauty!

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