Stories of Resilience:

SELF IMAGE : I embraced all 5-feet of ME

Her Story:

Name: Shivani Shah
Born: India
Lives: New Jersey, USA
Handle: @doseofshivs

“I grew up in a Gujarati Jain family where most of my female cousins were tall and fair skinned.

I was petite and darker skinned.

I remember being constantly compared to others in my family. It made me feel insecure for a long time. I was told I should drink more regular milk and perhaps that will magically make me taller or fairer. However, I preferred the taste of chocolate milk.

In high school, I would wear green colored contacts, dye my hair brown and wear 3-inch heels.

I was trying so hard to be accepted by others, that I lost myself. As I grew older, I learned what mattered most was who I was as a person inside vs. superficial attributes.

In my journey of self-love, I learned to appreciate my physical appearance. I embraced all 5-feet of me and my caramel brown skin.

I am proud of the woman I have become and hope to inspire other young girls to learn to love themselves.

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