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CAREER: Connecting Chefs with hyper local communities

Her Story:

Name: Susan Huang
Born: Mandalay, Myanmar
Lives: Queens, NY
Handle: @bborsusan

As an ethnic Chinese who was born and raised in Myanmar, I speak both languages with in-depth understanding of both cultures.

I always embrace diversity and never want to stay in my comfort zone that’s why I decided to move to New York three years ago, attending grad school in NYU

During the pandemic, as a recent grad international student, even though I was lucky enough to get a full-time job, I wasn’t really happy since I was underpaid and not being really appreciated.

Therefore, I decided to quit my job in 2021 and started my own business @syr.meal connecting underrepresented and talented chefs with hyper local communities.

By introducing New Yorkers to vibrant culturally-authentic food options that they didn’t know existed, people are delighted and connections are created.

Now, we are working on an app where people can get authentic reviews on places to eat and shop in NYC from local recommendations.

We are helping more businesses get discovered while helping people save time and money when they visit New York.

As a food fanatic from Southeast Asia, I love discovering hidden gems and supporting small Asian owned businesses. Thanks to the pandemic I redefined my own happiness!

If you are craving some Southeast Asian food and want to support small businesses here are my NYC recommendations:

Kabisera Café

Asian Bowl

Yun Café

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