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CAREER: Ice Cream Flavors with a Cultural Twist

Her Story:

Name: Ruth Li
Born: Brooklyn, NY
Lives: Brooklyn, NY
Handle: @baraaticecream

I started Baraat Ice Cream when I lost my job due to the pandemic. I wanted to create unique Ice Cream flavors drawing from my American Chinese culture mixed with my husbands Indian culture.

I want people who taste my ice cream to explore flavors that are both familiar and foreign to their experiences.

Both my parents are great cooks. Whenever we’d go out for dinner, my mom would never allow me to order anything we could make at home. We’d dissect the dishes in our palette and discuss the spices and flavors that may have been used. I have since used the same activity to understand various cultures through my taste buds. ⠀

I’ve experienced many months of no business, confusion, and lots of figuring out what I can do to push sales. While exploring different ways to get the community to notice Baraat, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many female entrepreneurs that too are pushing themselves to make their businesses succeed. 

It is easy to feel jealous, but I think it’s even better when you celebrate your peers’ accomplishments. That karma will eventually come back.

Without the help of the selfless women I’ve met along the way, I wouldn’t have been able to make it on Time Out, a Times Square billboard, or get the perfect cake turn table. The generosity you give to the community will eventually return in folds. 

I haven’t succeeded yet, but I’m positive that my community of strong women will be right by my side when that day comes.

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