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About the Brand:

Headwraps are a timeless expression of African culture and beauty – a bold and vibrant fashion statement for women of color.

As much as we cherish our roots, Cee Cee’s Closet’s headwraps were born out of a more practical need. When Uchenna wanted to take better care of her curls with protective yet fashionable headwear, she couldn’t find anything in the market that reflected her personal style: bold, colorful, feminine, and fly. But she didn’t give up!

Instead of settling for her old Ankara scarf, Uchenna and her sister Chioma connected with tailors in Nigeria.

Much to their delight, they found beautiful, colorful fabric of exquisite quality that they could never dream of finding in NYC!

They knew right away that they HAD to bring this to the women of color in the U.S – who deserved to express their heritage in stunning, authentic African headwraps just as much as their sisters in Africa.

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