Stories of Resilience:

Preventing Illness through Fitness & Education

Her Story:

Name: Heather Fletcher
Born: Pittsburgh, PA⠀
Lives: Tampa, Fl
Handle: @heatherfitfoodie

I grew up in a big extended family. They are all from the South and loved to cook southern style. With many black families, those southern recipes are very delicious but not the most dietary-friendly.⠀

I’ve lost many family members from complications of chronic conditions because they lacked knowledge about health and wellness. Simple things like a better diet and participating in physical activity could have prevented these illnesses. They just weren’t exposed to the information.⠀⠀

The black community is disproportionately diagnosed with chronic health conditions than many other communities. It amazes me how little people know about these preventable health conditions.

Discussing diet and exercise is just not emphasized for the most part. Education and access are critical components for closing this gap.

This is why I decided to get into health and wellness.

I want people to see someone that looks like them discussing these things. I want people to know they can take control of their health and prevent illness.

This can be done all while enjoying the things they love. It just takes a little balance.


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