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The inspiration of starting Kalya Veda is my mother. I grew up in India with a holistic practice where self-care was important and doctors were not really the first option.

My mother started the practice of Ayurveda and has healed herself as a whole. After seeing her progress, I started implementing simple practices into my daily routine and it has completely changed my life!

A few of my very close friends went through a lot of changes personally and financially during the pandemic. I connected them to my mother and they followed her advice.

Simple lifestyle changes along with some Ayurvedic super-powders and herbs did magic in their lives and brought a sense of balance in body, mind, and soul. And that is when I decided to bring the idea of Ayurvedic self-care to life.

Our mission is to guide you towards a stronger understanding of “SELF” by making simple lifestyle changes. We help you to create a lifestyle routine (based on your Dosha), so you can unlock lasting balance, happiness, and good health no matter who you are and where you are.

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