Stories of Resilience:

Beauty Was In The Eyes Of The Colonizer

Her Story:

Name: Rayka Huq ⠀
Born: London 
Lives: Minnesota 
Handle:  @southasianskinblog 

I’ve always been obsessed with beauty. Having a mother who was a former Bangladeshi actress, I mastered the smoky eye before I mastered algebra. 

I felt proud that my mom taught me how to contour my nose before Kim Kardashian made it popular or that unlike my friends, I started religiously wearing sunscreen during my elementary school days.

I wasn’t wearing sunscreen for the anti-aging benefits though. Instead, 10 year old me believed that wearing sunscreen would stop me from getting darker—something my culture had engrained into my brain as being unattractive. 

I also realized (far too many years later) that the nose contour was just an attempt at making our noses look less round in order to conform to Western beauty standards.

My uncle always says “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” but it was then that I realized beauty was in the eyes of the colonizer. 

I then made it my mission to find beauty looks and products that compliment my skin tone, facial features, and face shape without trying to transform into another race because I’m beautiful just the way I am. 

 I started the South Asian Skin blog recently in hopes of helping other South Asians and people of color find ways to enhance their natural beauty as well and love the skin they’re in.

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