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Be Yourself

Her Story:

Name: Tara Marissa
Born: Montréal, Québec
Lives: Montréal, Québec 
Handle: @taramarissas

I vividly remember that throughout my childhood both my parents were always by my side, supporting me in whatever I chose to explore or do. What a blessing that was. I am the daughter of two Caribbean immigrants, I am a Taurus, and I was raised as an only child – these three components of myself fuel my passions and confidence I have today.

Every day growing up my parents told me to “be yourself” and to “do what you need to do to be comfortable”. So, one could imagine, that having those daily affirmations as a young child really resounded and stuck with me as an adult today. 

After obtaining my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in criminology, I made the conscious decision to bring a flare to educating others. I am a tech educator, self-love enthusiast, and social activist. I also started my own project, @congr.ts, an independent scholarship fund for BIPOC students in Canada.

I have never felt a disconnect from my blackness, however, I have felt othered, which is why I always operate from a place of love. Through my academic and professional journeys, coinciding at unique intersections where I thrive as a black woman, I work to empower and educate youth on how they can be productive members of society by creating the world they wish to live in.⠀

My ultimate purpose is to curate spaces where we can learn from one another through engagement, information and experience sharing, and most importantly, love! I have always said that I was blessed with a little extra fight for the rest of us, so my work is my dedication to continuing the fight for true freedom – whatever that may look like to you!⠀

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