Stories of Resilience:

Empowering Driven Dreamers

Her Story:

Name: Malvika Sheth
Born: California
Lives: California 
Handle: @stylebymalvika

My purpose in life is to empower driven dreamers to embrace fashion and beauty as creative outlets. Growing up as a minority on the heavier side, I faced countless instances where I wasn’t taken seriously or given a second look or thought, and it made me feel powerless. Slowly, I decided to use fashion and beauty as a means to express myself, and I realized the true power in these two mediums was in the fact that both could communicate so much to someone about who you are and how you’re feeling without you even having to say a word. ⠀

I genuinely believe how you present yourself speaks before you do when you enter a room, and being of South Asian descent, I also found that girls like me didn’t have many places to go for inspiration. In fact, very few influential figures in fashion and beauty looked like us. While I aspire to appeal to any and every creative and driven individual, I will say a lot of what I do is to bring the name of the South Asian community up.

Still, regardless of who you are and where you come from, I want you to be able to come to my page, and gather ideas on how you can use two of the most powerful mediums–beauty and fashion–to express and empower yourself to conquer your biggest dreams in life.

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