Stories of Resilience:

Remember To Celebrate You

Her Story:

Name: Meenakshi Sharma
Born: Ottawa, Canada
Lives: Ottawa, Canada 

Being born and bred in Ottawa, the nation’s capital, I grew up with a lot of questions around identity and where I fit in. I was always shy to speak about my culture and roots. There was a hovering fear of being judged because my hair was greasy, my clothes smelt like “curry”, I didn’t wear the “coolest” clothes, I wasn’t allowed to have sleepovers. There were many restrictions while growing up, and for this reason, it caused me to hold back on who I was. My true revelation has been becoming a mother.⠀

This journey has opened my eyes. I’ve truly realized the essence of embracing yourself. I don’t hold back and I now openly share who I am. I’ve learned to let go of pettiness and focus on my belonging. I’ve learned the importance of empowering my little girls to be proud of who they are and to never fear the world. Becoming a mother has given me the strength and power to stand up for myself. It has embodied a charm that reminds me to be who I am and be content with what I have. Life is delicate. Never hold back your true self and remember to celebrate you. You always matter.

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