Stories of Resilience:

The Wicked Vegetarian Was Born

Her Story:

Name: Runjhun Misra⠀
Born: Jhansi, India
Lives:  San Francisco Bay Area
Handle: @thewickedvegetarian

I am a physician and medical news correspondent. With the evolution of medicine and science, the art of medicine is slowly disappearing.⠀

I am a very creative person, always gravitating towards art, music, literature, dance, cooking – basically any form of self-expression.

I have been cooking since I was a little child, helping my great grandmother in the open-aired kitchen in our ancestral home in India. That continued when we moved to America, and I found myself cooking often for my family and friends.

My close friends would always urge me to write down my recipes and photograph my presentation, but with the stresses of medical school, residency, and life, I never took them up on their suggestions. During 2020, we were stuck at home, and I needed an outlet to combat the stress from the pandemic and from work.⠀

So the Wicked Vegetarian was born. She renewed my spirit and showed me a way to share myself with others through food, photos, and words.

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