Stories of Resilience:

A Childhood Passion Of Mine

Her Story:

Name: Jinji Amen⠀
Born: Chicago, Illinois
Lives: Seattle, WA
Handle: @jinji.amen

For the majority of my life I felt like I didn’t belong. I spent so much time wondering what made me different and why it was that no one seemed to accept me. I grew up feeling conflicted and alone, not seeing myself represented in the places I looked for inspiration. This drove me to serve as a representation and motivation for others like me.

Culinary arts has always been a passion of mine, even since childhood where I had the opportunity to deeply connect with my Nona (Grandmother).

Modelling was always something I was interested in but, I never thought it was an industry that I would be accepted by. An opportunity came to me by coincidence and I have been doing it ever since.

These passions combined to create a balanced creative outlet for self-expression and confidence.⠀

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