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Rewriting Your Future

Her Story:

Name: Priyanka Bromhead⠀⠀
Born: London, United Kingdom⠀
Lives: Unceded lands of the Darug people on the east coast of the lands now known as ‘Australia’⠀
Handle: @thelongstoryshortis @wearethemainstream

Priyanka (she/her) is an Eela Thamizh woman who lives and works on unceded Darug land. She is the firstborn of refugees who fled a state-sponsored genocide by the Sri Lankan government to the UK and migrated to ‘Australia’ in the 80s.

An educator and multidisciplinary artist, she chronicles her experiences on the intersections of her various identity markers, as well as her general observations of Western Sydney life through poetry, prose, and creative non-fiction.

She is inspired by the works of Oodgeroo Noonuccal, Toni Morrison, and Mathangi Arulpragasam. Priyanka’s first poetry collection, Mozhi (2021 published by @girlsonkeypoetry), is a meditation on language, trauma, and breaking free from the confines of White patriarchal, colonial and capitalist structures.⠀

Priyanka founded @wearethemainstream, a space where First Nations, Gender Diverse, and Women of Colour could take up space outside the White gaze to amplify their voices and visibility. It is a sacred place where individuals’ journeys to embracing their roots, reclaiming their narratives, and rewriting their futures are intertwined with conscious collectivism and healing.

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