Stories of Resilience:

Stepping Into My Influence

Her Story:

Name: Lissette Calveiro
Born: Miami, FL
Lives: NYC
Handle: @lissettecalv @influencewithimpact

What started as a behind-the-scenes career reluctantly tossed me straight into the spotlight as now a full-time consultant, coach, and content creator.

With years of telling other people’s stories, my time on social media began as just that. Trying to embody so many others’ stories — the bloggers, the fashionistas, all women that looked “cooler than me,” wanting to be just as cool. After many years on this path, I finally broke. I had no idea who I was because I was a collection of other people. I spent time in 2017 digging deeper into my story — especially my story as a Latina content creator.⠀

What came from that was an acknowledgement that my story (the good and the bad) was just as important to my “brand” as the aesthetics. And if I tap into that and share more of that, I would be able to start connecting and building a community I was looking for. The universe listened because it turned a vulnerable story about the debt I had overcome by creating a “picture-perfect-life” into a viral tabloid.

I was crushed for some time that this story of resilience was turned into mockery, but the lesson it taught me is that when you are firm and confident in who you are, and what your story is, nothing can shake you. What happened from this experience is I welcomed in a new community of people that connected with my story and were looking for someone that made them feel seen and heard.

Behind the scenes just wasn’t my purpose. It was what made me feel safe. I fought the word “influencer” for so long because I didn’t think I was influencing anyone. Little did I know, I had INFLUENCE over people who now felt more empowered to tell their story and check something off their dream list as I did, too.

Flash forward, now I’m in the business of helping people find their stories and build a presence on social media that puts their community first.⠀⠀

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