Stories of Resilience:

Your Beauty Will Never Diminish

Her Story:

Name: Cynthia Victor
Born: Quebec, Canada⠀
Lives: New Jersey, USA
Handle: @Shawtycynthia_makeup

I think as a woman, especially a WOC, we grow up hating ourselves. In my household, I wasn’t told to hate myself but I wasn’t taught how to love myself either. I wasn’t told my reflection was beautiful, however, I saw examples of the impossible and was taught how to be pretty like that.

The adjustments that I could do to be made beautiful was to get lighter, taller, and skinnier. I felt like I could be beautiful if those adjustments were made to me, but after I grew up I realized I was always beautiful. We grow up with people around us who are brainwashed into thinking European beauty standards are top-tier when in reality, people are meant to be different, and that’s what makes us incredible.

Human beings will constantly be changing as generations pass, trends will come and go, but your beauty will never diminish. Certain people will just pick and choose when they want to admire you. The important thing is to always admire yourself.

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