Stories of Resilience:

Breaking The Stigma

Her Story:

Name: Yesenia Guadalupe
Born: Miami, FL
Lives: Miami, FL
Handle: @myxxfly

As a mentally ill woman of color, a topic I will always fight to destigmatize is mental health. So many folks suffer in silence and are left to deal with trauma, depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions from a space of deep deep shame. This shame allows for our monsters to grow, overpower, and sometimes wholly consume us. In a society that is responsible for so much of the trauma that women of color carry due to the violence of colonialism, patriarchy, and the delusion of race, it is our RIGHT to give voice to our pain and our experience. It is our RESPONSIBILITY to talk about our mental health loudly and unapologetically because it continues to kill and destroy so many of our lives.

If we talk about mental health openly and honestly, we can work through our pain and find a way to thrive in this world. When we destigmatize mental illness and move from a space of shame to one of radical truth, others learn that we are ALL just trying to survive in a system that wants to destroy us.

We start to care about the human cost of capitalism, we see its effect on our minds, we start to question systems of oppression, and refuse to accept the inhumanity of poverty, racism, gender inequality, ableism, and class warfare. We have the ability to empathize with each other’s pain and see that we are all fundamentally the same, but first, we have to break the stigma.

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