Stories of Resilience:

Normalizing The Importance Of Mental Health

Her Story:

Name: Dr. Sophia Visanji
Born: Calgary, AB Canada
Lives: Brooklyn, NY
Handle: @themonoclemuse

Mental health is undoubtedly a topic that needs to be de-stigmatized, now more than ever before. Speaking about anxiety, depression, trauma, and healing should be conversations that happen openly and frequently within our interpersonal relationships as well as in the workplace. Seeking guidance, coaching, and help from a therapist should be something that is normalized and prioritized, just as we do our physical health. 2020 was ironically a year that provided a lot of clarity for me personally and I prioritized my mental health over things that had previously taken precedence.

It was the year I consciously began unlearning old beliefs that had been ingrained in me as a child of immigrants and a woman of color. It’s something I’m still actively working on every day and something I love navigating and diving deeper into with the women around me.

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