Stories of Resilience:

More Honesty, More Healing

Her Story:

Name: Yhá Mourhia Wright
Born: Palo Alto, CA
Lives: San José, CA
Handle: @mswrightontime

We must be honest with ourselves about what women are experiencing. We must. The film, Sylvie’s Love on Amazon Prime Video is so beautiful as it really goes through a chronology of a woman’s (Sylvie) experience in becoming. I get it. As a woman, especially one that cares about people and how people feel, does not want to cause waves in society. I mean, we stand up for women’s rights – but do we stand up for ourselves? That’s what we need to talk about. Healing ourselves and the collective. We do so much to keep all the pieces of the puzzle together and in the process, our humanity and desires for a full life get compromised. I’d like us to have more honest conversations about what women are really feeling on the inside. Less fluff. More honesty. More healing.

Trigger Warning: When I was in college, I was sexually assaulted. I actually continued my life as best as I could right after. Literally. I hardly dealt with it and instead, an innocence in me died, and some forts and walls got built to protect my broken heart. I say broken heart because when you believe people to be so good and they let you down, people you trust – at the core of the anger, rage, and turmoil – is heartbreak. If that heart is not mended, you simply lose a part of yourself that is tremendously important in whole and fruitful living. While I am “proud” if that is the word, that I did not let it break me, I am even more grateful that I was able to transmute this trauma into an added level of empathy for those who suffer. That our actions, even those we evoke upon ourselves, are so often due to an internal war that we cannot even give voice to. So, I am thankful that I never let that stop me from living my life, but I am grateful that I have a deep understanding of how such wounding can traumatize someone to the point of what seems to be no return. 

There is so much to be grateful for as a Black woman. Of those things, I would say what I am most grateful for are my ancestors.

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