Stories of Resilience:

It’s Never Too Late To Start Something New

Her Story:

Name: Divya Singh
Born: India (Mumbai)
Handle: @divya_momwithdreams

From being just a mom, I decided my life hasn’t stopped since I became a Mom. I was born as a new person and it made me realize who I am today. Housewives are just taking care of family. I kind of accepted it but I kind of broke it when I had my own family.

After becoming an influencer I would say that I was unable to meet that standard of “normal”. I started comparing myself with others, I knew I had to make a change since the day I became a Mom. Talking to myself, taking breaks from everything and respecting my feelings.

My spouse has been someone who has helped me and my family is the biggest support in my life after the loss of my parents. My husband is the biggest supporter and always used to encourage me to always try something new.

Stop Giving excuses and started taking care of myself and believing in myself. I now have a YouTube channel @MoMwithDreams.

My biggest goal, for now, is to reach my youtube channel to the highest number of people and start impacting the community. Believing in yourself. It’s never too late to start anything new. You got this life then make something out of it!

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