Stories of Resilience:

I Believe In Destiny

Her Story:

Name: Radhika Panchal
Born: Mumbai
Lives: Mumbai
Handle: @Raahdikha09

I feel I have always been losing people from my life. We were 3 sisters so I lost my one sister in an accident. I kept on losing my near and dear ones.

My family is very supportive and cool. I have been raised in a very smooth and happy environment. However, since Lockdown everything has changed. I realised that all my friends are not really my friends. They don’t really think good about me and my growth. That’s when I realised I have to move on. It’s been difficult but you know what ?! C’est La Vie

I believe in Lord Krishn. Walking on his path is the best way to solve the problems and my family is too supportive. Watching Radha Krishn series helped me a lot to solve and understand problems.

I can’t say he helped me completely but my professor was someone who guided me.

Losing my sister, you can’t get over it. Not yet. It’s been 10 years but I still can’t believe that’s happened. I think one can never overcome a loss like that. But now i know I have to accept it.

I believe in destiny…whatever happens, happens for a reason.

I am an Architect and a Fashion Blogger but I want to become an Architectural blogger.

Live and let live. Life is short, just smile and move on! Don’t trust anyone in this world more than yourself. Because you are the only one person who can love yourself the most.

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