Stories of Resilience:

You Are The Boss Of You

Her Story:

Name: Sucheta Khurana
Born: New Delhi, India
Lives: Toronto, Canada
Handle: @thegroundedcreative

Focus on school, become a doctor and support my family. To not speak up or take up space. It was considered normal, and I was expected to follow exactly what I was told by my teachers, parents and other people of authority.

As soon as I moved to Canada, my dad pointed at University of Toronto and said, I want you to go there and become a doctor, make me proud. But, a few years later, as soon as I accepted an offer to a university other than what my dad wanted for me – I think that was the exact point I felt like a let down. Even though I was excited to get into an amazing program and school, I felt like a part of me didn’t meet the standard that my parents held for me.

Wanting to satisfy others and go along with the labels projected on me. As a south asian women, I come from a culture that is flavourful, bright and vibrant but I ran from this my entire life because I didn’t want to be an outlier. I wanted to be like everyone else and I’m saddened that I ever felt like this because where’s the joy in being like every body else?

In my second year of university. I found myself chasing validation from the outside world. I gave away too much of myself just be accepted until one day when I decided that I’d rather be alone than surround myself with people who don’t value the true me.

Journaling and spending quality time with myself. At first, it was tough and I had a lot of sleepless nights where I felt like no one would understand. But as I reflected on my beliefs and slowly worked on unlearning conformity, I found internal peace.

I had a couple mentors but I think the most influential person who has helped me recognize myself and find pride in who I am is my partner. They always allowed me space and support, and for that I’ll forever be grateful. Mirror Work, Journaling, Prioritizing rest/play and Leading life from a place of love instead of bitterness (Abraham Hicks).

Extreme burn out. I lost myself and fell into a cycle of self pity.

I became my best friend and biggest supporter. Instead of doubting myself and constantly criticizing and overworking , I started to love myself unconditionally and set myself up for success. I think a lot of this related back to the inner child healing work that I did, because if I didn’t heal from the toxicity of hustle culture that I learned growing up, I don’t think I’d be as secure as I am today.

Mirror work and weirdly enough, creating content that allowed me to share my experience, heal and move on. Now I help other business owners do the same with my business The Grounded Creative.

I show up happy and in a state of appreciation everyday. I work with clients who recognize what I have to offer and get to co-create beautiful, soul-led businesses.

My goal is to help people see their potential. Help them see that they, in fact CAN DO IT. There is no right time, there is no waiting until they’re more qualified or ready – there is messy (& aligned) action. I hope to guide people as they take the leap into designing the life they’ve always dreamed of living. Humility, there is no way I can support others if I show up with my ego.

Trust. I wholeheartedly believe that things will turn out in the best way possible. My life is in my favour, and the more surrender to this truth, the more I see my reality shifting.

You have the potential in you. If you want to launch a business or non-profit. If you want to travel or try a new hobby or change your lifestyle, you can do it starting now. You don’t have to wait until you’re more perfect or ready or qualified. You don’t need outside validation to give you a go ahead, you are the boss of you. You give yourself a go ahead and support yourself (instead of self-sabotaging or negative self talk). You’re absolutely killing it, and unknowingly inspiring so many people around you. Imagine how much more of an impact you’ll make once you decide to take a leap and choose something that lights you up? 

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