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A True Warrior

Her Story:

Name: Shruti Babu 
Born: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India 
Lives:  Austin, Texas 
Handle: @PajamaMama512 

I’m sorry Shruti but your results came back positive… is what the doctor said to me when she found out I had stage 2 Breast Cancer. 

You know what people in my community said to me once I told them… they said..  “oh don’t tell anyone or no one will marry your daughters” “Indian people don’t get cancer” “you’re too young to have cancer” “you’re too skinny to have cancer” and that’s when I realized being Indian and having Breast Cancer isn’t going to be easy because it’s a very taboo topic and people aren’t very educated on the subject- so I took it upon myself to share my journey.

Through my Instagram page, I shared every chemo, every surgery, wig shopping, balding, etc. I wanted people to see me, a 38-year-old Indian woman with two kids going through breast cancer and how It’s okay to tell people because that way others know how to help you. 

I am thankful for my platform @PajamaMama512 where I can share my life with people and show them I had cancer and now 3 years later Cancer has taught me to live my best life!

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