8 Skincare Gifts They’ll Actually Want to Use

Our Top Gift Picks:


The most effective beauty products are not created in a lab, they are produced in nature. Devoted to the science of Ayurveda, Taila harnesses time-honored plant medicine that infuses your skin with adaptogenic and strengthening actives to optimize skin health.

Made in NYC – 100% natural ingredients, formulated in house and cruelty free we dare you to not become obsessed with their PRANA (life-force) face oil. Tip: mix a drop in with your foundation for an effortless glow.

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If DRY SKIN is your unwanted BFF this hand and body butter is the ultimate hydrating multivitamin formula to say goodbye to your non-soul friend. It is loaded with shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, and several high performing botanicas. 

If you’re feeling an extra level of self care we’re fans of this BODY OIL infused with organic almond, jojoba, sesame, safflower & grapeseed that help soften and hydrate the skin. 

Ashwagandha root oil which is a deeply penetrating and warming oil that nourishes the bones, tissues, and muscles. It is also an excellent moisturizer for dehydrated or dry skin & 24 K GOLD and SAFFRON which provide a high dose of antioxidants. NBD. This bottle is definitely SHELFIE worthy! 

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Founded by Jamaican born board certified dermatologist with 20+ years of professional experience, ROSE Ingleton MD Skincare’s ‘Blemish Control Booster’ helps to minimize existing imperfections and prevent future breakouts. Hello clear skin! 

It’s formulated with the brand’s signature ‘Jamaican Blend’ of fruit extracts and Hyaluronic Acid to soothe and hydrate, while plant-derived AHAs exfoliate skin to reveal a clearer, brighter complexion.


So you want to give someone you love the gift of lush locks? Look no further. This is the ULTIMATE hair care secret. 

Their strengthening + nourishing hair oil, shampoo and conditioner are the 3-step routine you need to claim a healthy scalp for a beautiful crown of hair. 

Love and Legacy starts at the roots. We love being a #RanavatPartner!


This sister duo is harnessing the power of natural ingredients indigenous to the Indian subcontinent. Indian women have some of the best hair on this planet! 

We swear by their PRE-WASH Mask. All you need is 20 minutes before washing your hair. Throw it on. Reply to a few emails and then jump in the shower for your regular hair wash routine. 

The results are softer, more moisturized strands. 

With ingredients like Amla, Fenugreek, Tulsi, Turmeric and Neem this creamy plant-based mask nourishes your hair follicles to stimulate hair growth, balance your scalps PH and battle inflammation. 

PS: next on our list to try is their waterless shampoo. Travel friendly for when you decide to pack smart and only bring a carry-on through TSA. 


Real skin has texture and dark spots. If you struggle with acne or hormonal acne you know too well the stubborn spots they leave behind. Hyper skin decided to tackle this real skin issue with their VITAMIN C serum. 

It battles hyperpigmentation and sun damage with ingredients like vitamin C (15%) combined with bearberry, licorice, and kojic acid (1%) , turmeric and salicylic acid (less than 1%). Goodbye dark spots, hello Hyper Even skin!


This vegan 8- minute velvety face mask is luxurious AF. Borrowed from the sacred beauty regimens practiced by Burmese women – one that promises scintillating benefits like instant luminosity, gentle skin polish, detoxification and reduction in the re-growth of “peach fuzz”. This winter we’re ready to bring our skin back to center stage. 

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3 words – SHEA BODY BUTTER. 

Their body butters smell as good as they are for your skin. They moisturize, tone, and rejuvenate with products made with love a from the Katariga Women’s Shea Cooperative in Ghana. 

Their mission – we simply want women to feel smooth and confident in their own skin, while being able to dismiss popular beauty standards and free their way of thinking. AMEN!

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