Julia Vaughn

Julia Vaughn is the creative entrepreneur behind her jewelry brand that brings you one of a kind vintage pieces along with her in-home designs.  Born in Taiwan and growing up around the world (Korea, India, Egypt, Switzerland and eventually Southern California in 2007) her designs are influenced by culture, architecture, nature.  The pieces are a […]

Hyper Skin

I’ve had acne and dark spots since I was a teenager— I’m by far my toughest customer. After loving skincare but being left out of the club, I created the brand that we deserve.  One that is rooted in realness — it’s really multicultural, centering real skin and realistic standards, and our hardworking formulas deliver […]

Seoul Full

Founded by Elaine Sir, Seoul Full is an LA based UNISEX K-beauty skincare + wellness lifestyle brand. Blending nature and science to provide the multi-benefits of tightening, brightening, boosting collagen and luminosity. Products We Love Connect with Seoul Full

Inde Wild

Born and raised in India, growing up around ancient Ayurvedic remedies for the mind, body and soul were the norm. Plus, my mother (Momi) is a practicing Ayurvedic doctor and dermatologist, and so science and tradition co-existed as part of daily life, self care and healing in the Khosla family.  For years I felt the […]

Rose MD Skin

As with many things in life, my path as a dermatologist didn’t follow a straight line—in a sense, dermatology found me. Growing up in Jamaica, I didn’t know any dermatologists. It was only during a clinical rotation in med school when I discovered my love for helping people feel at ease in their own skin. – […]

Aara by Sana

Aara by Sana is for “that” girl or woman looking for refuge in the creative realms. It’s for every daughter who wanted to make her mother proud. And for every mother who sacrifices time away from her children because she understands that to help them achieve their dreams, she must first sustain HERS.  Founded by […]

Happi Space

Jhalak Mittal created Happi Space in the Summer of 2020. Curated for the times when everyone began embracing the slow life. Coming together to lather a colourful spread of joy onto your slice of life with our at ease range of lifestyle curations of clothing, home textiles and decor that breathes easy, beautiful — in […]

Kalya Veda

The inspiration of starting Kalya Veda is my mother. I grew up in India with a holistic practice where self-care was important and doctors were not really the first option. My mother started the practice of Ayurveda and has healed herself as a whole. After seeing her progress, I started implementing simple practices into my […]

Samreen’s Vanity

I recognized early-on that there was little South Asian representation in the beauty industry. Whatever limited representation there was, I found, felt orchestrated and lacked authenticity. This deeply motivated me to find a way to celebrate, not hide, my culture. My mission became to create an authentic, conscious and inclusive brand so other young South […]

Diaspora Co.

The original intent of colonial conquest of the Indian subcontinent was a desire for domination of the spice trade. 400ish years later, as a young woman named Sana Javeri Kadri was born and raised in postcolonial Mumbai, working at the intersection of food and culture. She discovered that not much about that system had changed. […]